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ATE Sewing Siargao

A sewing atelier that believes in giving opportunities to women while creating amazing products.

About us
We exist to empower women!

A.T.E. Atelier is a community sewing business aimed at empowering local women by offering free training in needlework, followed by a fair and prosperous workspace where each individual can grow.

All our employees are women from the surrounding town who support their families each and every day. We believe in sustainable practices that empower the communities throughout the island of Siargao, the Philippines, and the world!


Our team is always looking for feedback from all our clients. We continuously search for a way to grow and develop our methods.


A.T.E. Atelier creates amazing products that fit each and every one of our client's needs, while also doing right by our staff and the environment.

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Some of our products

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